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Open Word Bible College, January, 1986 - June, 2004

Charles Willner was the founder, President, and Academic Dean.  

OWBC was a learning center for the International Correspondence Institute (ICI.U.) (now Global University) of the American Assemblies of God.


During it's 18 yrs, OWBC had more than two hundred students enrolled, four graduated with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, three with a Bachelor of Religious Education, and many more received diplomas. One student became a missionary with W.Y.A.M. in Columbia and one instructor returned home and founded the King of Kings Bible College in Jerusalem, Israel. 



Over the years, the Lord has provided funds to assist in several missions projects. OWM has assisted indigenous churches by putting roofs on about thirty churches and assisting with construction of the Kalembelembe Bible Institute, and the construction of the Cranford Memorial Health Clinic and Maternity, and currently building a head quarters church for Omega Pentecostal Fellowship, as will as several other projects. Your donation, whether large of small, will make an enormous difference for these national ministries


Open Word Bible College London, Ontario, Canada:


Birthed from a desire to bring the same passion to raise up local Christian leadership in Canada as they had been part of doing in Africa, Charles and Fern returned to London a year after their second tour in Africa and stepped out in faith to rent a small space at Faith Tabernacle in London, Ontario. Over the years enrollment reached to 20 concurrently enrolled students in collaboration with multiple local churches. Click the tab to learn more of this project close to Charles' heart. 


Kituku Health Centre Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo:


During the Willners' 1980 to 1984 mission term, the elders of C.A.D.A.F. came to ask to open a dispensary at the Kituku.  During the Simba Rebellion of 1964, all of the dispensaries had been destroyed by the fighting. When the elders were told the Willners had no medical training, they replied that Charles was the doctor and Fern was the nurse! You can read more about this in Fern's book, "When Faith Is Enough".  So Charles ordered medicines from Equipment for Charitable Hospitals Overseas (E.C.H.O.) in England...


Cranford Memorial Clinic Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo:


The Cranford Memorial Fund has contributed thousands of dollars to renovate the building, and furnish this medical clinic, and to supplement the salaries of the staff of this health center and maternity.  The Cranford Memorial Fund continue to support this facility until today....


Rebuilding Kalembelembe Bible Institute Fizi, Congo:


"There are signs of the war everywhere. The Free Methodist missionary told me that all the roofs were looted and the doors burnt from every one of their 180 school buildings, and all the equipment at their hospital at Nundu was stolen. Soldiers burnt all of her papers and chopped up her piano for firewood. It is the same for every mission and government building and most houses in eastern Congo. Thank God that now there are several non-governmental organizations helping to rebuild in eastern Congo.


Home for Joseph and Josephine Mugo Kianyaga, Kenya: 


After working together for more than 40 years, and through the establishing of more than 30 churches, and ministerial impact in establishing and supporting more than 100 churches, the Lord has helped Joseph and Josephine build a beautiful safe home.  Through the supporters of OWM, the Lord has provided a three bedroom limestone block home for Joseph and Josephine, and provided a used Toyota station wagon for Mugo to hold pastor's seminars...


Omega Pentecostal Church Joseph Mugo, Kianyaga, Kenya: 


Mugo is so happy with the completion of the construction of their temporary headquarters church in Kianyaga for the Omega Pentecostal Churches. The church pictured is situated on rental property. Now, a quarter of an acre of land has been purchased on which a permanent church building...

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