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Open Word is committed to encouraging believers to dive deeper into their walk with God. While much of our focus has been in supporting ministries abroad, we are also passionate about continuing to build up the faith of our brothers and sisters.  This page is dedicated to helping you discover spiritual resources that will encourage you and help you as you seek to mature your walk with God. Here are some resources we offer.

"When Faith is Enough" by Fern Crouch Willner
"A Safari of Destiny that Reveals Principles to Live By"
"This is the devotional journey of a missionary wife and mother of seven children learning to walk a life of devotion through the challenges of a faith-based ministry.  From the normalcy of everyday life in North America to the dark places of Africa, Fern explores the everyday challenges to rely on God, from empty bank accounts with seven children to feed, to stepping onto unknown continents with no experience and few resources but a heart of ministry to be satisfied. In unknown lands abroad, and in seemingly insurmountable challenges at home, Charles, Fern and family determine to rise to the challenge of following a known God into an unknowable future, and see faith seed miracles. 
Although some of these stories are based in a location many readers may never visit, the truths discovered therein are practical to situations we all face in this life. Broken down into small bite-size chapters, the reader can set aside five minutes for refreshing, or delve in for a delightful afternoon read. Each chapter discovers an essential truth that will encourage, strengthen and enliven the heart of every believer.
"When Faith Is Enough" is available for a donation of $15.00, which includes postage.
OWM Teaching Pamphlets and Articles
Open Word Ministries is a faith ministry supported by those who appreciate this ministry. These teaching pamphlets and articles are sent out on a free-will offering basis.  Jesus said, "freely you have received, freely give, ... for the workman is worthy of his hire." (Matthew 10:7-10) Please send your offerings to one of the following addresses.
Open Word Ministries; P.O. Box 5001, Springfield, Missouri  65801, or P.O. Box 625, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6V5
Pamphlets by Charles Willner
Fulfilling Prophecy: Three ways to interpret prophecy, Apocalyptical Interpretation, Rebirth of the nation of Israel, The Day of the Lord, The Resurrection.
The Times of the Gentiles: The beginnings of the Times of the Gentiles, The covenants of Israel; Abrahamic, Jacobic, Davidic, The restoration covenant, The New Covenant, Gentiles strangers from the covenants, Replacement Theology. Restoration of the covenants to Israel, The times of the Gentiles fulfilled, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
The Grace of God: God's Purpose, Strangers from the covenants and promises, God Chose Us, The revelation of grace, Conformed to the image of his Son, Saved by grace, God working in us, God's provision, Draw not back!
Faithful Stewards: What is a steward? Stewards of the talents of God, Stewards of our time, Stewards of the Finances of God, Stewards of the Grace of God, Stewards of the Call of God, Stewards of the Mysteries of God: First Principles, Godliness, The Church, Christ in you, the Mystery of Wickedness, Natural Israel, Spiritual Israel, The Resurrection.
One New Man: God has a purpose for His creation, Jesus came to manifest the Father, We are to manifest Jesus to the world, Born of incorruptible seed, Putting on the new man, The baptism of the Holy Spirit, God is making a new man in this world.
Wise Choices: (written for youth) Have a Dream, Take a Stand, You are a somebody, For such a time as this, Sexual purity.
The Spirit of Adoption: The Holy Spirit make us to become the sons of God, The fruit of the Spirit, The ministries of the Spirit, We are sealed by the Spirit, The Spirit will quicken our mortal bodies.
Ultimate Reconciliation; Is it Really Scriptural?: The teaching of reconciliation, All made alive in Christ, Baptism for the dead, Sinners in Zion, The unpardonable sin, The spirits in prison, The tone of the Word, Eternal Judgment, Only the blood of Jesus can save us.
The Fire of the Lord: Strange fire, purging fire, the fiery trial of faith, the consuming fire, ministers of fire, hell fire.
His Riches for Our Poverty: His riches, His humiliation, Our humiliation, Our exaltation, His exaltation.
The Ministry of Forgiveness: Our forgiveness depends on our forgiving, Forgiveness brings healing, Unforgiveness corrupts our compassion, Forgiveness and power, The Ministry of Forgiveness.
Unity In Christ: The only oneness possible is in Christ, The baptism of the Holy Spirit makes us one, Called in different walks, into different callings, Come our of Babylon my people, Some must go over the walls of division, Unity in the anointing, at last.
Ministering to the Lord: Days of separation, consecration, some shall fall, fruit or works, I want to heal Babylon, There must be way-makers, purity in ministry.
Living In The Spirit: Jesus walked in submission to His Father.  The crucified life is freedom. Overcoming by the will of God.  Resting at the feet of Jesus.
Sanctification: We must agree that the holiness of God is without dispute. Therefore, in order for us to live with such a holy God throughout eternity, the Holy Spirit must be allowed to sanctify us. "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Thessalonians 5:23)
Pamplet by Fern Crouch Willner:

Make A Chain: We often want to pursue life according to what will satisfy ourselves alone. But God calls us to walk in unity and to be connected to one another, and that process can trip us up and cause confusion. What does it really mean to make a chain? Chapters discussions include: The Flesh/Spirit Conflict, The Light/Darkness Dilemma, True unity is not compromise, Submission and Commitment, Linking is vital, Guidelines for Linking.

Articles by Fern Crouch Willner:
What Is Our Bread: What feeds us as we try to push through life? Chapters include: Ashes like Bread, Bread of Tears, Bread of Idleness, Bread of Adversity, Enemies are bread for us. Jesus our Bread.
Why Fear Goliath: Where are our promises of peace and the blessings of victory? In this article Fern cites examples from the life of David and reiterates that God has not called us to walk in anxiety and fear.  He promises that no matter what the circumstance looks like, He will triumph over His enemies.
Arise From the Pen: Deceived by self-condemnation and discouraged by mistakes Fern echoes the call of scripture to come back to the Father's house.
A Queen's Example of Commitment: Like the story of Ester who rose to be queen through the disgrace of another but had to persevere through what could have been her own disgrace; we too must learn that tribulation works patience but it may be that we too have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.
Donkey Rides: Chosen to give birth to the Redeemer, Mary could have believed that her journey would have been blessed and easy. But as she quickly learned as the time came for birth, she was in for a very uncomfortable journey ahead.  We know that part of what kept her throughout was remembering that all these details were known by God before hand.
The House: Our hearts, like a house, can be old and made new, and like physical homes, are affected by the activities inside.  What does your heart look like? Is it one of clutter? Does it look like a well kept mansion or a broken-down hovel. God promises to take what is broken and make it beautiful and new.
Illusion or Reality: Trying to live by an illusion makes us sick.  God calls us to walk by faith not by sight and our trials are often not what they seem. So how do we maintain a God reality in a world of illusion? We know that through all, God wants to give us a vision of joy.
Principles for Living: Malachi's prophecy of God turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers couldn't seem more appropriate than it did then. It seems in today's age relationships are suffering more than ever with electronics taking ever more of our attention and time. It is good to know that God had a plan then and His plan is still true today. In this article, Fern reminds us not just what are the biggest destroyers of our relationships are, but that the truths of the Word of God in identifying what heals and strengthens what has been broken are just as simple and as effective at building new life as when they were first spoken.


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