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Kituku Health Centre: 

Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo Community Assemblies of God in Africa, (CADAF)


The Willners were resident missionaries in Kalemie, Shaba Province, Democratic Republic of Congo from January 1981 to December 1984.  Shortly after they arrived, the elders of CADAF aproached them requesting them to open a dispensary at the Kituku district church.  They explained that during the Simba Rebellion of 1964, all of the CADAF dispensaries had been destroyed by the fighting.  During the Simba Rebellion, the Beardsmores who had one of the last CADAF health centres, were held under house arrest at Lulimba by the Communist rebels to treat rebel wounded soldiers.  The Beardsmores were held for about a year until they were liberated by U.N soldiers.  The missionaries who had lived in the mission house at Kituku hid in the oil change pit of their garage for several days until they were rescued by U.N soldiers.


When the Willners protested to the elders that they had no medical training, they told Charles that he was the doctor and that Fern was the nurse. So Charles ordered medicines from Equipment for Charitable Hospitals Overseas (ECHO) in England. Then the elders came with a proposal.  If they would raise half of the funds to build a dispensary, would the Willners trust God for the other half.  They agreed. 


You can read more about these kinds of stories in Fern's book, "When Faith Is Enough" including about how she delivered babies with no medical training!  

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