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Joseph and Josephine Mugo's Home and Car:


Over more than 40 years of ministry, Joseph Mugo has established more than 30 churches, and he has had input into more than 100 churches. In 2009, the Lord provided this beautiful four bedroom limestone block home for Joseph and Josephine Mugo. Then God provided the red 1992 Toyota Tercel. More recently, God enabled Mugo to purchase the 2002 Toyota RAV4. Mugo praises God for these vehicles. which give him more access to support the churches under his ministry. (Mugo was almost killed in a head-on crash in a minibus going to perform a marriage when he didn't have a vehicle. During three days in a comma, Mugo visited heaven.)

Mugo receives support each month to administer the Omega Pentecostal Churches, pay for the costs of food for the pastors' seminars, petrol and maintenance for his vehicle. The Omega Pentecostal Churches has churches in; Nairobi, Kirinyaga, Chuka, Meru, and the Coast.



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