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Open Word Bible College, London, Ontario, Canada:

January, 1986 - June, 2004

Open Word Bible College was begun in January 1981 and was located in Faith Tabernacle, with some classes in other London, Ontario, churches. Charles was the founder, President, Academic Dean and an instructor. Fern was an instructor. Gerald Kelsey, a retired school principal, was Registrar, Librarian and an instructor. Pastor Dave Ellyatt was Bursar and an instructor. The Lord blessed with qualified instructors; three of whom were pastors of local churches and one was a certified counselor.

Open Word Bible College used accredited curriculum materials from the International Correspondence Institute (ICI.U.) (now Global University) of the American Assemblies of God. This program was registered with the Ministry of Education in the Province of Ontario through Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (now Masters College and Seminary) in Peterborough, Ontario, of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. 

Two degree programs were offered in Biblical Studies, and Religious Education. Several aboriginal students graduated who received funding from Native Affairs for their education for tuition, books and living allowance to study the Word of God. One of these graduated to become an educational consultant for native education. Another graduate was a pastor and evangelist. 

Over the eighteen years OWBC was in operation, more than two hundred students enrolled in courses, four graduated with Bachelor of Biblical Studies, three with Bachelor of Religious Education degrees from ICI.U., and many more have received diplomas for the work they have completed.


Three of OWBC’s graduates pastored churches. One student became a missionary with W.Y.A.M. in Columbia. Another graduate went on to obtain a graduate degree.


One of our instructors returned home and founded the King of Kings Bible College in Jerusalem, Israel. Hundreds of students attended classes and matured in their experience with God and developed their ministries.


For one year, Charles assisted in the development of the Prayer Palace Bible Program in Toronto, Ontario.


In June 2004, Charles Willner was led to close O.W.B.C. He now is focused on the support of indigenous missions primarily in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

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