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Dear Friends and Supporters,


This is the report for week three of this safari, unfortunately I was unable to send a report out for week two so this will cover the last two weeks.  Thank you for your prayers and support for this missionary Bible teaching ministry.


Sunday, September 14, Spirit of Faith Family Church, Dandora, Nairobi;

Pastor Wilfred Mayaka received Pastor Mugo and I to his church very well.  Apparently, he had been a student of Bro. Mugo in 1978 at the Overcomer Teaching Center, which I founded in Meru town in 1973.  In addition, he had interpreted for me in a meeting in Nakuru.  Mayaka had just returned from the United States, where he had called me at my home to come and visit his church.


I preached on, The Church: God's Organism; that the Church is; to be God's Glory throughout the Ages, a Place to Show, a Place to Grow, a Place of Safety, a Place of Unity, and a Place of Power. After church, Mayaka took us to one of the sister's home for dinner.

Tuesday through Sunday, September 16 to 21, Omega Pentecostal Church, Kianyaga;
Pastor Joseph Mugo took me to his home in Kianyaga in the 1992 Toyota wagon that Open Word purchased for him several years ago.  Mugo's wife, Josephine, welcomed me back into their home that Open Word also provided; a four bedroom, two bathroom, limestone block home for he and his family that they moved into five years ago.  The Lord told me in 1974 that Mugo was coming to continue the ministry which I had started in Kenya in 1972.  It is interesting to realize that of the six or seven Bible school teachers that I had asked to come help me, Mugo is the only one who is still in the ministry!  There are more than thirty churches in the Omega fellowship.  Over the years, Mugo and I have had input into more than one hundred churches.


About thirty ministers from the Omega churches in Chuka, Embu, and Kirinyaga districts came and one from Mombasa.  The Mombasa church started only one and a half years ago, and already they have built a permanent limestone building.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I taught on Pastoral Ministries; The Call to the Ministry, Formation of Pastors, and Stewardship of Finances. On Thursday and Friday, I ministered on, The Work of the Holy Spirit; in Salvation, in Sanctification, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Sonship (maturity of the believer), the Ministries of the Spirit, and the Resurrection from the Dead by the Holy Spirit. Thursday evening, there was such a move of the Spirit that there was only worship for two hours.  This reminded them of the revival in Kirinyaga in the '60's.


On Saturday, I taught on, Pressing On, not being discouraged in the ministry, and The Grace of God, that God knew us from before the foundation of the world, and we should not let so great of a salvation slip away like a boat drifting on the current.  On Sunday, choirs from each of the districts sang.  There was a group of about fourteen young men who danced to some recorded praise music.  Some of them were Mugo's grand children.  I preached on, The Seed of God, that God is looking for his children out of the world.  God knew that Abraham would command his children to serve God.  Judah interceded for his brother Benjamin saying, How can I go up to my father without my brother.  In the same way, the only thing that we can take to heaven is our children. Everyone was challenged by this word.

Thank you for your support of this ministry with your prayers; for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the Word, for health and strength, and for safety as I travel.  Thank you for your continued support of this ministry for the mission projects that we carry on each month.  You can send your offerings to either of the P.O. Box addresses in the signature block.  The Lord bless you.


Yours together in His Harvest,
Charles Willner 

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