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Welcome to "Wrestling With Mountains"...


Over the years, working with at-risk teens, leading worship in a small church, and experiencing personal challenges including the loss of my mom, the struggle of infertility, and the challenges that any person in church eventually will face, my faith has been challenged, strained almost to breaking and God has revealed His own faithful, wonderful nature again and again. I am finding that freedom comes through honest dialogue with our Heavenly Father, and through accepting the knowledge that the way forward is not meant to be easy, which is why the apostle Paul called it "the fellowship of his sufferings".


It is my hope that the dialogue in this blog will help begin the wrestling match with the myriad of mountains we all face in this life, to help you rediscover the faithful love God has always had for you, and that along the way you can revel in the increasing surety that nothing you have ever encountered has ever been encountered alone. This life is not our destination and nothing this world, no other person but the person of Christ, will ever satisfy the longing of our hearts; our only satisfaction will ever be found in Him alone. 


God Bless You in the incredible journey you have embarked upon.


Mina Dragovic

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