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September 2019 "The Gift of Tongues"

Dear Friends and Supporters;

Thank you for your support of this missionary Bible teaching ministry.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Kalemie, Congo

Speaking in Known Tongues by the Holy Spirit: “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven, Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language.” (Acts 2:4-5)

“In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; And yet for all that will they not hear me, said th the Lord. Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not:” (1 Corinthians 14:21-22)

There are several examples throughout history of people speaking in known languages under the operation of the Holy Spirit, without having studied to speak in those languages.

When I was a student in Bible school, there was a mature young Greek male student. Although we were sitting through anointed classes, chapels, and church, he did not seem to be enjoying his stay. So I asked him one day, why he was not happy to be a Bible school student. He replied with an amazing testimony. In Greece, he was a civil servant. When he returned home to visit his mother, she told him that his younger sister was speaking in English at the Pentecostal church. He knew she was too young to have learned how to speak in English. So his mother challenged him to come to church if he wanted to hear her speak in English.

At church, after the pastor had preached, he asked for those who wanted to seek the Lord to come to the front to pray. Soon, there were sincere believers seeking the presence of God in their lives. Then his mother motioned to him to come forward. As he neared the altar, his little sister began to announce his sins in a loud voice to all in the church. He quickly moved to put his hand over her mouth, and fell to the floor to repent of his sins! As a result, he took a leave of absence from his civil service job and came to Bible college to study more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Alvin Thornton, the pastor of Redemption Tidings, a small Pentecostal Holiness church where I attended as a boy, had previously been a missionary in Oriente Province in Cuba. Thornton knew Fidel and Raul Castro personally. He had become discouraged and went to a church camp. As the people were raising their hands and praising the Lord, he heard someone behind him speaking in English. A woman was saying, Do not be discouraged. I have called you here. I have much work for you to do. As he turned around to see who was speaking in English in a Spanish speaking country, he could not believe it. It was an elderly woman from his own church. She could not speak any English by herself. Yet, there she was speaking in English by the power of the Holy Spirit.

PAC World Conference

25th World Pentecostal Conference, Calgary, Alberta: My wife, Gloria, and I attended this conference from Monday to Friday, August 26 to 30, 2019. 3,500 delegates attended from seventy-four countries. All of the speakers were anointed, several of them were the heads of Pentecostal denominations around the world. There was a good feeling of unity. The seminars were interesting. Missions and youth ministries were featured. It was exciting to meet with ministers from Uganda, and the Congo, and many other countries.

New Life for Mugo's old car!

Joseph Mugo, Omega Pentecostal Churches, Kenya: Mugo writes, the Omega Pentecostal Churches held their August convention in Embu, where the theme was, “On to Perfection”. In August, Mugo ministered in; Mwiki, in Nairobi, and Maua where Mugo held a pastor’s seminar, and performed a wedding at the church in Kavengero. Then Mugo went to Kagumo where seven adults were baptized. The roof and toilets are being built at the church in Kianyaga. Mugo’s old Toyota car has been donated to one of his preachers at Mwatate, on the Coast. Praise God for Mugo’s faithfulness in ministry.

Wallace Njeru, Sonship Ministry Church, Igoji, Kenya: Njeru reports, the mission to Tanzania was very successful and the Spirit of God moved so powerfully. He held a two day pastors’ seminar, and ordained a pastor to ministry. Also, he conducted a young couples seminar. Then he held a seminar for upcoming young ministers. Then he held a Kesha (all night prayer meeting) for revival meetings during the day. After that he joined in with other ministers from different churches to hold a crusade in Kalibatulla Islamic region. If God is willing, he will be visiting Tanzania. Njeru is thankful for the help sent to him.

Ratanga Pentecosta Free Church

Samwel Ratanga, Pentecostal Free Church, Migori, Kenya: Another donation is being sent to help pay for the roofing being installed the new cathedral. He thanks us for our continued support.

Assemblies of God Bible College, Community of the Assemblies of God in Africa, Bukavu, Congo: Director Ebongya Aoci is thankful for all of the help that has been give to AGBC, and for the gift Bibles and help to feed those who attending the graduation. The theme of the graduation was, "You are the salt of the earth, You are the light to the world". (Matthew 5:13-16) The former Head Representative of CADAF, Eciba Lutho was the graduation speaker. The bishop of the ECC/South-Kivu gave out the diplomas to the eight graduates. The graduation was attending by 177 people from different churches, including teachers, students and their spouses, and pastors from the CADAF.

Asende Luhangya, Community of the Assemblies of God, Kalemie, Congo: Asende writes, "Thank you Lord because my journey to Lububashi, Likasi, and Kolwezi went very well, with a pastor’s conferences, and a widow’s seminar. At the end of September, Asende will host a pastor’s conference of all CADAF pastors in Katanga province."

Church of the Good Shepherd, Kalemie, Congo

Masangu Lwanyeke, Church of the Good Shepherd, Kalemie, Congo: Masangu reports that his church has been registered in Burundi. He held a seminar there with two hundred pastors. Now he is traveling to Lubumbshi for the wedding on his daughter, and to visit with his wife and family there. The construction of his church in Kalemie is continuing. Masangu is thankful for our support.

Thank You for Your Prayers and Financial Support: Thank you for your prayerful support for this missionary Bible teaching ministry. You may send your donations to one of the post box addresses in the signature block below. Designated funds are forwarded entirely. The Lord bless you. Yours together in His harvest, Charles Willner _______________________________ 172 North Phillips Road, Harrod, Ohio, U.S.A. 45850 email: home phone: 419 649-6022 Open Word Ministries: P.O. Box 625, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2E 6V5 P.O. Box 5001, Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A. 65801

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