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August Newsletter

Kalembelembe Bible Institute: 10 students graduated in June and are thankful for the Bibles given!

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for your support of this missionary Bible teaching ministry. Fourth Tetrad of Blood Moons Is Here:

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.” (Joel 2:31) ●Blood moons normally every year when the moon is eclipsed by the shadow of the earth, and the sun is eclipsed by the shadow of the moon. ●Over the previous 2,000 years, there have only been four tetrads of Four Blood Moons that have occurred on Jewish religious holidays. Except, remember, that four blood moons occurred before and after when Jesus was crucified. ●The first tetrad occurred in 1493-94, when the Jews were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition. Passover on April 2, 1493, solar eclipse on September 24, 1493, Tabernacles on September 25, 1493, Passover March 22, 1494, and Tabernacles on September 15, 1494. ●The second tetrad occurred in 1949-50, when the surrounding Arab countries attacked the new state of Israel. Passover on April 13, 1949, Tabernacles on October 7, 1949, Passover April 2, 1950, solar eclipse on September 12, 1950, and Tabernacles on September 26, 1950. ●The third tetrad occurred in 1967-68, during the Six Day War. Passover on April 24, 1967, Tabernacles on October 18, 1967, solar eclipse on November 2, 1967, Passover April 13, 1968, and Tabernacles on October 6, 1968. ●The fourth tetrad is occurring now in 2014-15. Passover on April 15, 2014, Tabernacles on October 8 2014, solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, Passover April 6, 2015, and Tabernacles on September 28, 2015. ●The eclipse of the sun is taken to refer to actions against the Lord Jesus Christ. The eclipses of the moon are taken to refer to actions against the Jews. During every period of Blood Moons, the Jews were attacked: but God delivered them out of their distress. Could it be that the Iran Nuclear treaty will be approved, but God will defend Israel against nuclear attack? ■The above dates are taken from; John Hagee, Four Blood Moons, Worthy Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee, 2013 ■Further, this is the first time that Shmita comes during Tabernacles, the time when debts were cancelled and the land allowed to rest. So Jonathan Kahn, a fulfilled rabbi, is predicting the worst financial crisis in history will occur this September. Joseph Mugo, Omega Pentecostal Churches, Kianyaga, Kenya:

Mugo writes that he has been busy going around to the churches preaching and teaching the Word of God. He now has a new work going in Nyandarwa County. So far, approximately $3,680.40 has been raised of the $8,000.00 that will be needed to purchase a quarter of an acre in Kianyaga for the head-quarters church of the Omega Pentecostal Churches.

Kalembelembe Bible Institute, Fizi, Dem. Rep. Of Congo:

Director Ekyoci Eciba writes that fifteen students finished the Third Trimester 2014/15. There was much excitement for the ten students who graduated in June. The graduates were thankful for the Bibles sent for them. Under the student’s ministry, one Muslim man and his whole household has received Jesus as their personal Savior. When Eciba went to visit them, he found their lives have been completely changed. They are giving their tithes and working in their local church. $1,220 has been sent for the salaries of the four teachers, the secretary and the guard. Would you please contribute to support this Bible school? Ralph & Shirley Hagemeier and Stephanie, Kalemie, Dem. Rep. of Congo:

The Hagemeiers have returned to the Congo. They were able to raise more funds to support their ministries and that of Stephanie. More masons have been hired to begin construction. The next semester has begun at International Bible College. They would appreciate more monthly support to finish paying for a Ford pickup for them and another for Dan and Melinda Koehler who are working in Dar Es Salaam. Community of the Assemblies of God of Africa (CADAF), Bukavu, Dem. Rep. of Congo:

When the Willners were resident missionaries in the Congo from 1981 to 1984, they worked under the registration of CADAF. CADAF does not have any missionaries working directly with them now. Legal Representative Lutho Eciba shows the printer and generator that was purchased with the $300 sent for their national office in Bukavu, Congo. Ruth Scott Kellie, founder Matumaini Children’s Center, Molo, Kenya:

Please continue to pray for Ruth and the court cases about giving land to Pastor Samuel, and farm manager, Charles. Thank You for Your Prayers and Financial Support:

May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully support this missionary Bible teaching ministry. You may send your donations to one of the post office box addresses in the signature block below. Thank you. Yours together in His harvest,

Charles Willner

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