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Dear Friends and Supporters of this ministry,


Here is my report for week eight on this year's African Safari.




















Wednesday to Friday, October 22 to 24;


Community of the Assemblies of God in Africa, Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo:

We arrived safely back in Uvira on Monday.  Thirty-five church leaders attended, most from C.A.D.A.F., along with a few other churches.


On Wednesday and Thursday, I taught on, "The Work of the Holy Spirit."  On Thursday, we finished the study on, "Pastoral Ministries", which covers; the call to the ministry, giving, and training others for ministry.  On Friday, we covered most of the teaching on, "The Second Coming of the Lord."  The seminar was difficult because several, including my guide, kept dozing off.  Perhaps it was the heat, or their poor diet, or just that I did not have the anointing as I have had in other places.




















Sunday, October 26; Community of the Assemblies of God in Africa, Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo:


On Sunday, I spoke again on, "The Seed of God".  There were about one hundred and fifty in church on Sunday morning.  The choir sang well, and the worship leaders did very well.  The assistant pastor asked a twenty question quiz from a chapter he had assigned.  The children who answered correctly received a sweet biscuit.  The church service was also difficult: I had difficulty even remembering some Swahili words.


Tomorrow, I take the "Super Bus" boat back to Kalemie where we used to live in the eighties, a twenty four hour trip.  I have already been in touch with Ralph and Shirley Hagemeier by phone and email.


On Friday, November 7, my son, Jeff, is flying to Kalemie from Kigali, Rwanda, on a Missionary Aviation Fellowship plane.  He will be visiting me at the Hagemeiers for the weekend.  Then we will fly on MAF to Bukavu on Tuesday, the 11th, and he will fly back to Kigali and then on to Nairobi, Kenya.


Please do pray for more of the anointing on my ministry, for safety as I travel, and for health and strength.  There are only four weeks remaining of this twelve week safari.  


Also, pray for Rev. Eciba Lutho who spent the week resting from sugar diabetes.  He has a lot of responsibilities leading C.A.D.A.F.  Please also, pray for my guide, Mulanda.  His niece passed away yesterday, leaving her husband and children.  She had been raised in my guide's home after the death of her father.  Life is very much more difficult in Congo.


Thank you for your prayers and support for this missionary Bible teaching ministry.  Please send your support to one of the post box addresses in the signature block.  May the Lord bless you. 



Yours together in His Harvest,

Charles Willner


Open Word Ministries:

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