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Dear Friends and Supporters,


Here is my report from week four of this year's African Safari.

Tuesday to Thursday, September 23 to 25, Omega Pentecostal Church, Meru town, pastor's seminar:

Meru town was where the Willners finished their first term as resident missionaries from September 1973 to December 1974.  This was when I started the Overcomer Teaching Center (O.T.C.). Then we returned to Meru as resident missionaries from August to December 1992.  This was to contest the purchase of land we had purchased for the Meru town church.  Although we lost the land through corrupt court proceedings, the Lord has provided another plot of ground where a church has been built where the meetings were held this time.

Pas. Frederick Mithamo welcomed  a good turn out of about twenty-five ministers who came from Meru town, Kibirichia, and Maua.  Frederick was converted under my ministry in an open air street meeting in Kutus.  He was one of the original students at the O.T.C. In this seminar, I taught on, The Work of the Holy Spirit.  In addition, I taught on Sonship, and The Seed of God.

Friday to Sunday, September 26 to 28, New Life Church, Mutunguru, Igoji, pastor's seminar and combined Sunday service:
Pas. Wallace Njeru welcomed us to this unique meeting, as he and four others of the original students from the O.T.C., along with the original teacher, Elvas Kiria came. The original Mutunguru church was the second church I helped to build in my first term in Kenya.  They added onto that church, and today they have built a beautiful new church made of limestone blocks which seats 300 people. About thirty pastors came to this seminar from several fellowships. This seminar, I taught on, The Second Coming of the Lord.  This was a study of the Scriptures about the Second Coming of the Lord from; the Synoptic Gospels, Acts, Corinthians, the Epistles, Revelation, and Daniel.  The Pre, Mid, and Post-Tribulation Rapture theories were also discussed.  Also discussed was whether the Christians would go through the Tribulation, people being saved during the tribulation, and evil held back by the hand of God.

The church was almost full on Sunday morning with several churches coming together for the service.  Different church choirs sang. Again, I preached on, The Seed of God.  Afterwards, Pas. Mugo elaborated more on that word, and about twenty adults, mostly women, came to the altar for prayer.  Pas. Njeru said they had never heard such a word.

Thank you again for your support for this missionary Bible teaching ministry.  Your continued monthly support the projects that are being carried on by Open Word each month would be appreciated so much.  Please send your offerings to either of the post office box addresses in the signature block. 


Thank you.  The Lord bless you.

Charles Willner


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