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Dear Friends and Supporters of this ministry,


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Here is my report for the eleventh week of ministry on this 2014 African Safari.



















Wednesday to Friday, November 12 to 14; Bukavu Bible Institute, Association of Biblical Ministries (A.M.B.), Bukavu, Dem. Rep. of Congo:

Malanda Ubonga, the director of the Bukavu Bible Institute, welcomed almost thirty pastors and elders to this seminar.


I taught on the three subjects for which I have prepared notes; "The Work of the Holy Spirit", "Pastoral Ministries", and "The Second Coming of the Lord".  The pastors especially appreciated the teaching on the Holy Spirit and Giving from Pastoral Ministries.  They very much appreciated the notes so that they can use them to study more and preach from in their home churches.


When he first received my tentative schedule of meetings, Malanda replied that it would be the rainy season here in Bukavu.  It has rained several nights, but the seminar was not hindered by the rain, except that one evening we had to wait a half hour or so for the rain to subside before going home.


B.B.I. is currently under reconstruction.  Gill Shiels from England has already built cabinets and installed a new refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen, and constructed a new septic toilet system.  Gill is the daughter of the Perrys, who were missionaries with Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland.  If I remember correctly, they were stationed in Baraka and Lulimba, Congo.  (I visited the Shiels in England on my way home from African three years ago.)  Malanda showed me a three dimensional video of the proposed new building, with a sanctuary, and toilets and showers on the first floor, and Bible school class rooms, offices, and dormitory on the second floor.  You can check this out at;  They would appreciate your financial support.


Because of the rain, money was given to Malanda to buy used metal sheets to put up a temporary roof over the church area until that area is covered by the floor of the second storey. Open Word also provided the food and notes for this seminar.





















Sunday, November 16; Philadelphia Church, Community of Free Pentecostal Churches in Africa (C.E.L.P.A.), Bukavu:

Pastor Bujiriri welcomed me to this Norwegian Pentecostal church, where I preached for the first time two years ago. I preached again in both services on; "God's Seed".  The church was full with about one thousand people in each service. There was a good anointing on the Word, especially in the first service.


In the second service, I also talked about families who have been separated to "cleanse" the household from the wife when she was raped by soldiers during the civil war.  My wife, Fern, preached to these "Special Mothers" when we were missionaries here in 1993.  She preached from the text, "Thou God seest me." (Genesis 16:14)  This was when Abraham sent Hagar away with her son Ishmael.  So today, these wives should not be put out because they were forced.  It is especially difficult here because it can spoil the inheritance of the legitimate children, which is why Hagar was put out of her family.


Bujiriri is building his church for revival.  They are meeting every morning in early prayers, and every afternoon with a service teaching on the Holy Spirit.  That anointing was very much evident in the two services on Sunday morning.  When this church sings, it is like the whole church is a unified choir.  They have produced their own Christian CD's and DVD's.


After church, we enjoyed a dinner of fish and chicken with the elders.


My preaching was broadcast simultaneously over their Christian radio station.  When I returned to the Norwegian guest house, where I am staying, the guard said he had heard my preaching over the radio. 


Today, when I went to the C.E.L.P.A. hospital to have my vitals checked before I go home; blood, urine, and stool, several people asked if I was the one who had preached at Philadelphia on Sunday. Open Word has contributed to install emergency solar lighting at this hospital.


Saturday, November 22; Scandinavian Missionary Fellowship, Bukavu:

The Scandinavian missionaries meet each Saturday evening at the Swedish and Norwegian Pentecostal guest houses.  We met in the home of a Dutch couple who are ministering to street children.  Linda Striker from the Free Methodists is here for her final visit before retiring.  Christine who works with the school coordination of the Swedish Pentecostal Mission (C.E.P.A.C.) led us in worship with her guitar.  The Dutch brother taught from Hebrews chapter seven on Melchizadek.  His wife made us tasty "pizza dogs" and raisin pie.


Ingeborg Eikland has retired back to Norway because of health reasons.  She has been here for some sixty years since she first came out as a school teacher.  She still arranged my accommodations in their guest house.  Her replacement, Ingrid, is getting married this Saturday in Norway, and she and her husband will be coming back as missionaries in the new year.


Thank you to each of you who are supporting me in this missionary Bible teaching ministry.  Praise God that all of the expenses for this safari have been met.  However, your support would be appreciated for the ongoing monthly commitments that Open Word is sending to several ministries.  You may send your donations to one of the post box addresses in the signature block.  May the Lord bless you.


Yours together in His harvest, Charles Willner



PS: There is only one week left for this year's safari.  Praise God for continued good health and safety.  My wife, Gloria, is already counting the days until I come home.  She is making plans to come to Toronto to meet me. I will send out the final reports once I have arrived home. Thank you again for your prayers and support through this long safari. The Lord Bless you.


Open Word Ministries:

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